Seams of Gold (Edinburgh)

Edinburgh Sunset.jpg

A weekend away…

Last month I visited Edinburgh for the first time. The trip was purely for pleasure, although it definitely provided enough fuel to keep the creative engines stoked for a wee while. With so much history and culture, there are endless things to see and we walked our arses off trying to cover everything!

…in a magical place…

Castle creeping

Castle creeping

One of the most striking parts of the city is the landscape and surrounding terrain. Built on an extinct volcano the views are spectacular and luckily we were treated to a few blue-sky days and some beautiful sunsets. I was captivated by the way the light fell across the buildings giving the whole city a gilt-edge glow. Coupled with the glimpses of Arthur’s seat and the castle in the background, it makes for a very magical place.

…with seams of gold…

Here’s something I wrote whilst on the bus from Leith to the city centre:


In late afternoon of early spring,

On the days when the heavens are blue,

And the sun is still low in the saltire sky,

Golden light splits the buildings in two,

Illuminating chimney stacks, windows and spires,

Casting dogtooth shadows upon terraces auld,

In bustling streets hidden riches you’ll find,

Just follow the seams of gold.


…and rejuvenating winds.

Sun squints

Sun squints

My time in the Scottish capital was inspiring and I hope to return at some point (possibly in the summer when it’s a little warmer). The trip made me feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to writing and recording. I’m massively excited to share the first single with you and I promise you the wait won’t be much longer!