PETRICHOR – "Blood of the Gods"


Recently I learnt a new word – “petrichor” – the distinctive smell that you get when it rains after a long period of dry weather.

It's always very satisfying when such an abstract or intangible phenomenon can be summarised elegantly with a single word. Etymologically speaking, it’s a combination of the greek word for stone, “petra”, and the word “īchōr” which in Greek mythology means “the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods.

Photo by Samuel Taylor ( Taylor Van Cleave )

Photo by Samuel Taylor (Taylor Van Cleave)

As a songwriter it's the perfect combo. An interesting word around which to build a simple chorus hook, but whose meaning supplies metaphors for the verses. It sparked my creative interests instantly and I was inspired to write a song about it.

Below are the lyrics. Have a read through, then listen to THIS podcast episode (available on all good podcast apps) to see if you can trace the influences.



The smell of rain,
The blood that runs through godly veins,
Shark snout pales,
Scent of dew on roses fill my cup,
Fills me up,

Petrichor, petrichor,
Wonder, what it's for,
Petrichor, petrichor,
Wonder, what it's for, Wonder why?

You come home,
Dragging with you rain clouds on a string,
Like dessert soil,
Too long I've waited for your offering,
I just stand in the doorway breathing in the –

Petrichor, petrichor,
Nothing more,
Petrichor, petrichor,
Nothing more, wonderful

Since your return the house smells sweet again,
Since you returned life is sweet again,
Since you came back love feels right again,

The smell of rain reminds me of you,
That won't change no matter what you do,
I'll take the deepest breath fill my lungs – with

Petrichor, petrichor,
Nothing more
Petrichor, petrichor,
Nothing more, wonderful.


What did you think about the lyrics? Do you have any stories about the times you've experienced this marvellous aroma? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

My knowledge of petrichor comes courtesy of the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast. If you aren't already familiar with the pod, check it out, it's one of my favourites! Josh and Chuck have a great rapport and they go really deep into some topics you never knew could be so interesting.

Now, when it rains you’ll be able to tell your friends all about "the blood of the gods"(and maybe the song I wrote).